Using Amazon Search Analytics So That You Can Improve Your Selling Rate

The more you optimize your products for Amazon's search engine, the higher they will rank in organic searches and thus be found by potential buyers.

By AMZ One Step Updated July 4, 2023 Published August 11, 2022
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The more you optimize your products for Amazon's search engine, the higher they will rank in organic searches and thus be found by potential buyers. Therefore, it is a top priority for many Amazon businesses to Search Engine Optimize their listings.

In order to professionally optimize a listing on Amazon, experts tend to employ the use of Amazon Search Analytics to its full potential.

What Does Amazon Search Analytics Do?

Sellers on the Amazon Brand Registry can now access an analytic service that will allow them to uncover popular search terms and robust data about buyers' behavior. This includes basket analysis, frequency of specific queries, conversion rates from searches, and important information such as buyer traffic reports.

History of Amazon Search Analytics:

Back in 2017, Amazon employees began selling reports with seller analytics, Amazon Product Photography, and performance data to any brands that were willing to pay. This created a problem for the companies unaware of such dealings because they could not understand how their products were unable to perform as well among the competitors.This was what became the core reason for the birth of the Amazon Brand Analytics Tool.

This tool would later go on to be termed Amazon SearchAnalytics and become a huge success for aiding Amazon retailers to optimize their listings for higher rankings, among other things. It goes above and beyond the standard data of an Amazon store, therefore, supplying invaluable insights into customer search behavior and competitors.In addition, it shows how well your products are performing relative to other similar ones on the market, as well as what customers want based on their searches.

How You Can Qualify To Use Amazon Search Analytics?

The Amazon Search Analytics tool is a convenient way for third-party sellers to keep track of their business performance and figure out where they stand in terms of sales.To use Amazon Brand Analytics, your brand must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have ownership of an active trademark registration of your brand.
  • You must own your own brand to register it.
  • You must be the intellectual owner of every product sold under your brand’s name.
  • You must register as an Amazon Brand Registry member.

How To Understand Your Amazon Search Analytics Report?

With brand reports, you can understand how your customers interact with and perceive the quality of listings on Amazon. This information could help identify opportunities for branding campaigns that will increase sales online as well as improve your customer service in general. Once you qualify for using Amazon Search Analytics, here is everything you need to know to understand your Analytics Report:

  1. Alternate Purchase Behavior and Item Comparison:
    This report is an easy way to see which items your customers compare your product against. You'll be given access to analyze the top three products that are most often compared with yours, so you can focus on beating those competitors and taking first place.
  2. Basket Analysis:
    Market Basket Analysis is an interesting tool to use if you want insight into what other products people often buy along with your product. This data shows which products are frequently bought together, and it reports on certain items' combination rates as well as ASINs within a specific time frame.
  3. Customer Demographics:
    The demographic information Brand analytics offers a fascinating look into the lives and needs of your customers. It is an excellent way to build out any customer persona profile with accurate data that can be utilized for all kinds of marketing purposes.
  4. Repeat Purchase Behavior:
    This is a list of the specific items purchased by your customers on Amazon at certain points in time. You can easily see when they bought something again and how often, which provides insight into their shopping habits.
  5. Searching Terms:
    This section is a goldmine of information for brands who want to know what customers are searching for on Amazon. There are over 2 million total entries in this dataset, and it will provide you with some great insights into how your business can rank higher by using Amazon Product Photography or search engine optimization. It has a few subsections of its own:
  6. Click Rate:
    You can see how well-valued your product is by looking at the number of clicks it received compared to other products on a search result page. You'll want this percentage high because if people are clicking on yours more than others, then there's a good chance they really like what you're offering.
  7. Top Terms:
    This report gives you a breakdown of the top search terms customers use when looking for products they are interested in, as well as what items can be found onAmazon that match these keywords.
  8. Conversion Rate:
    This section of the report is the number of visitors who buy your product as compared to all other products on the SERPs over time. This can be denoted by a percentage and tells you what success rate you're looking at when creating your own campaigns.
  9. Keyword Rankings:
    Keyword ranking is a lot more complicated than simply measuring search volume. The Amazon algorithm has not yet been fully understood, but it sounds like there are certain factors involved in the ranking process. According to these reports, it takes into account how often an individual keyword appears as compared to its potential favor when used by customers. Thankfully, AmazonSearch Analytics does everything for you by giving you the keyword rankings in this report.

Amazon’s new Search Analytics tool can help sellers increase their sales rate. The tool is available to all sellers who meet the qualifications and is easy to use.In this blog post, we had our team of experts walk you through how to understand yourAmazon Search Analytics report. We have also shared alternate purchase behavior and item comparison, basket analysis, customer demographics, repeat purchase behavior, searching terms, click rate, top terms, conversion rate, and keyword rankings.Now that you are aware of what the data means for your business, it is time to put it into action! Are you ready to put effort into increasing your sales on Amazon? If so, be sure to check out our Amazon Product Photography service TODAY!


Kamaljit Singh is the Founder and CEO of AMZ One Step and a former Amazon seller. Kamaljithas been featured in multiple Amazon podcasts, YouTube channels. He has been organizing meet ups all around Canada and the US. With over 350,000 views on his Quora answers regarding FBA. he also founded AMZ Meetup where he organizes conferences for Amazon sellers.

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