Integrations with Marketplaces, Tools and Shopping Carts

Plus....we can integrate with everything else using API and EDI.



API Capabilities

We use GraphQL API. Using webhooks, you can connect different platforms to our fulfillment software. You can describe your data, ask for what you want, and get predictable results.

It's easy to use, even for developers.

EDI Capabilities

SHIPHYPE uses SPS Commerce to seamlessly connect to retailers for EDI-automated workflows.
  • B2B Orders: We ship orders to big box, and all brick-and-mortar retailers, fulfilling all compliance requirements.
  • B2C Orders: Orders placed on retailer websites are shipped direct to consumer.
We can connect to 100+ Retailers across USA and Canada.

CSV Upload

You have the ability to import orders via CSV. This allows you to export orders from other platforms and have SHIPHYPE fulfill them.

Manual Orders

Our software allows you to manually create orders as well. You can enter the order details and select the products you want to ship.

You can also add additional notes for manual orders, and select the shipping speed.
Frequently Asked Questions
You have the option of connecting with our API, create a manual order, uploading orders via CSV or providing us the shipping labels.
Yes, you can create manual orders through the WMS software.
Yes, you can upload a CSV file to our WMS software.
You can share our API documentation with your developer.
No. The WMS will automatically update the tracking number in your store once the orders are fulfilled.
Click the 'Contact Sales' button in the top menu.
If you have additional questions, you can
email: [email protected]

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