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Before shiphype, we were processing all of our orders through our office and inventory management was a huge mess. The inventory on our website was not aligned with our inventory in house and as a result we had many delayed or deliverable orders. Ever since we started using shiphype, we know exactly what SKUs we have at which warehouse and what needs to be ordered. We've been able to actually focus on scaling our business instead of getting caught up in packing orders.Don Jhon

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You have the option of connecting with our API, create a manual order, uploading orders via CSV or providing us the shipping labels.
Yes, you can create manual orders through the WMS software.
Yes, you can upload a CSV file to our WMS software.
You can share our API documentation with your developer.
We use ShipHero.
Warehouse Management Software, it's the dashboard we will give you access to once you sign-up.
No. The WMS will automatically update the tracking number in your store once the orders are fulfilled.
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