Value added services
Our team can do all the work required before shipping your orders.
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Efficient assembly

There are multiple ways to prepare kits. We can either do all of them at once, or at time of order. Every business is different, so we adjust to your requirements.

No job is too big or too small

We can prepare any number of kits. We can prepare kits ahead of time speed up shipping.

Delight your customers

When your customer receives their order, they deserve a great experience. It's easy to tell the difference between poorly prepared kits, and those prepared by professionals.

Kitted exactly to spec

You have the ability to provide us with instructions in the format of your choice (process flow, docks, videos). Based on your instructions, we will create kits exactly how you need them done.

Kitting + Fulfillment made easy

  • No kitting capabilities
  • Unorganized process flow
  • Spend hours explaining
  • Robust communication
  • Regular updates while kitting
  • Kitting and fulfillment under 1 roof
  • Expertise in kitting
  • Ability to make modifications as needed
  • No minimum order requirement
Frequently Asked Questions
If there is no requirement for special equipment, we can handle it. If you believe that your request is complex, share it with our sales team and we will provide an answer.
This varies depending on the exact requirements you have. Once we have assembled a few of your kits, we can provide an accurate estimate on the total time it will take to assemble all the kits required.
We will provide you with access to our project management platform, where you'll be able to upload instruction decks and videos on how to assemble your kits.
Absolutely, you can request this from your Account Manager at any time.
We don't offer warehouse tours but your Account Manager will be able to provide you pictures and videos of our team assembling your kits, as well as pictures of the finalized kits.

If you have additional questions, you can
email: [email protected]