B2B Fulfillment

Ship cartons or pallets
No matter who or where you are shipping to, we ensure your order arrives according to spec.

Fast and Accurate

Most B2B orders get shipped within 24 hours.
If you have different requirements, we'll adjust to make sure your orders get shipped out on time.

Order Customization

No matter what your business is looking to do, we can help you achieve. Whether it's internal supply chain fulfillment, white label handling, quality control or simply shipping retail to consumers, we do it all - exactly how you want it. Our specialty is enterprise fulfillment but we serve all kinds of organizations including schools, government, insurance, big box retailers and manufacturers.

  • Tailored Solutions

  • Complete Reporting

  • No Contracts

  • International Shipping

  • Cost Savings

  • Dedicated Account Rep

Experienced with Retailers

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Inventory Management

Through our dashboard, you will have access to view inventory levels at all times. As orders get shipped, inventory is updated in real-time.

Ship Cartons or Pallets

We can ship master cartons, as well as prepare pallets. Every shipment can be customized with packing slips, sticker, and other handling requirements specific to the retailer.

Integrate with everything

SHIPHYPE uses SPS Commerce to seamlessly connect to retailers for EDI-automated workflows.

  • 32B Orders: We ship orders to big box, and all brick-and- mortar retailers. fulfilling all compliance requirements.

  • B2C Orders: Orders placed on retailer websites are
    shipped direct to consumer.

We can connect to 100* Retailers across USA and Canada.

Pre-Set Work Requests

Our dashboard has pre-sets for every type of work request you can think of. No matter what you need done, we can do it.

Personalized Support

We don't believe in ticket-style support. You will have a direct relationship with your account specialist whom you can contact through our dashboard, as well as set up a call with. Partnering with ShipHype gives you the peace of mind and reliability like nothing else.

SHIPHYPE makes B2B fulfillment easy


  • Send POs via email

  • Slow turnarounds

  • No EDI capabilities

  • Inability to track status of requests easily

  • Can only handle LTL / SPD

  • Not flexible / strict procedures


  • Same day shipping for all orders

  • Customization ability for each order

  • EDI capabilities

  • Track status of all requests in real-time

  • Capability for both SPD and ITI shipments

  • Flexibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. You can submit palletization/pallet building requests directly through the dashboard.
Yes, we can ship individual boxes/cartons.
Unfortunately, we do not arrange the LTL shipping. However, you can arrange for your own trucking companies to pick-up from our warehouse. We can also provide a list of recommended trucking companies
Yes. We can connect to almost any retailer via SPSCommerce. We can also connect to ERP systems.
Most B2B orders are completed within 24 hours. However, this will vary based on the size of order.
Yes. You can provide us with manual instructions, POs, and any other documents to go with your order.
Generally, no. If you plan on storing more than 500 pallets with us, please provide a heads up to our team to ensure we have sufficient space.
We have locations in both Canada and the United States. To see the exact addresses, click the Locations button in the header.
No, there are no minimum contracts.
Click the blue "Get Started" button in the top right of the website.

If you have additional questions, you can
email: [email protected]