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We asked our customers "What changed for the better since you switched to SHIPHYPE?" Here's what some of them said:

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I researched a lot online prior to picking a fulfillment service company. After reading countless reviews and some horror stories I decided to focus on reliability and exceptional service instead of focusing mainly on low cost. I am extremely satisfied with Shiphype, fast responses to messages and no headaches. Items are shipped out quick too.
Alex Dorneles

Willingness to go above and beyond expectations is truly remarkable.
Adam Barthold

Amazing customer service.
Walter Siebert

I trust ShipHype. They have done a good job receiving and sending out inventory in the four months I've been with them. Only a few hiccups but they've been responsive and jumped in ready to fix the issue at hand. Would recommend their services.
Daisy Gong

ShipHype have been amazing to work with.. fast responses to my questions, prompt service, reasonable pricing, and very knowledgeable.Highly recommend :))
Andrew Jary

The guys are professional. They have a communication and assignment booking system, which makes everything very easy. You will have assigned an Account Manager and he will help you with all things you want to do for your inventory. Thank you Harrson for being so helpful. The prices are reasonable and most important there are no hidden charges.
Elena Alina Chiaburu

Prompt, fair service, listened to my needs and provided a great solution!
Derek Skauge

I've been with Shiphype a good while now and they are very responsive and helpful... especially with regards to what I need for Amazon and shipping plans/advice etc. My account manager communicates in a fast, friendly and clear manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend ShipHype, and often do!
Joe Bartholomew

Great 3PL team. Very responsive to inquiries and requests. They get busy but shipment orders get executed at reasonable times. - I hire them for storage and forwarding of pallets to Amazon.
Mike Baluyut

The owner is very responsive. Their software is very easy to use. Working with ShipHype has been a great experience.
Charito Halabi

It was really difficult to find a good 3PL partner especially in Canada. SHIPHYPE is organized, transparent, promptly responds to requests, handles everything quickly and accurately. If you are looking for a great 3PL partner, don't look further. Shiphype is GREAT, EXCELLENT, AMAZING, and IMPRESSIVE. The one we used before was a disaster. You may be able to find cheaper 3PL warehouses but you may end up paying a big expense for using an unorganized 3PL warehouse. I strongly recommend SHIPHYPE.
Jun Lee

ShipHype customer service is exceptional.
Alexandros Kourmoulakis

We have been using shiphype for storing and forwarding our inventory to Amazon, so far it has been a great experience. Shiphype has great customer service which eases lot of troubles.
annas khan

I have been working with SHIPHYPE for 6 months now and everything has been great. I highly recommend them.
Dawid Żabicki

ShipHype provide an excellent array of fulfillment services and are very efficient at this through their smart application of technology and a high level of organisation including allocation of staff who are very professional and helpful. If you choose ShipHype, you won’t be disappointed.
Paul Buckley

Switched over from another fulfillment center and very pleased. Fast and professional service always.

Super organized 3PL warehouse. I highly recommend Shiphype!
jun lee

Great customer service! Site very easy to use. Very happy I chose ShipHype!
Lori Fleming

The owner is a good guy, I have no doubt they will be the top fulfillment company some day.
Elisavet Tsakona

Great to work with, quick response and great customer service.
Jason Gee

I appreciate company for fast replies on my requests, and help in achieving my business goals!
Levgeniia Toloshna

Excellent fulfillment center! We use them to integrate with our shopify store and they are fast, accurate and very attentive to our needs! Very competitive pricing on shipments too. Takes a lot of stress out of running an ecommerce store!
Margaret Bartha

Very helpful and knowledgeable team who go above and beyond to service their clients.
Ryan Decker

Satisfied with the service.

Since we signed ShipHype we feel we've found a long term partner to support our business. It's really great to have such a friendly and efficient platform that you can manage according to your needs with minimal effort. Everything make sense and it comes natural. And then the team behind the platform is really professional and gives you the peace of mind that you need in order to focus on other things. They deliver, they do it fast and accurate. Really good under pressure as well.
Stefan Nicolae

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We needed a 3PL in California urgently, we got lucky with Shiphype.
Atul Tyagi

Great service in every level, from the project manager to the warehouse, Prompt response to every request or question.
Yaniv Nuriel

Everything went very smooth, professional and organised. Definitely I will keep working with them in the future!
Elena Alina Chiaburu

Great system, love the communication and tasks flexibility. professional account managers. I haven't have any issue so far.
Chiaburu Elena Alina

Keep up the good work 🙂
Markus Greyling

Wayne is great.
Steven Nguyen

Thank you for the great service and for assisting us with all our requests.
Leonardo Larocca

It seems to me that over the time I have been a customer, ShipHype has grown quite a bit and evolved its systems/platforms to be more automated and integrated.
Michael Edward Fitzgerald

Amazing service and team.
Jax Wong

The team does an excellent job with customer service .
Joanne Ma

Shiphype is a great partner to work with. They are very responsive and tasks are done within hours. The account managers always show interest to our problems.

Been working with them for about 6 months now and they're a great 3PL. I will say the pricing is higher than our other 3PL countries globally but I believe a lot of that is due to Canada's logistical layout.
Kyle Binder

I am pleased with the services. Thank you for taking care of our products. I get fast responses from the team, and our products get shipped quite fast as well.

They will take the time to understand your business. There is some unexpected changes happening but that allows them to be flexible and do their best to adapt to your situation!
Thelight Design

Waleed took the time to help me better understand how I can make my business more profitable. It's not often someone will take the time to help a stranger. Thanks for looking out for the rookies!
Ondric Donelson

I'm glad I found shiphype, amazon was giving me lots of problems with the storage limit . The communication is top-notch and team is very fast.
Hafiz Sajid Mahmood

Easy to use platform. Well documented instructions. Quick responses and great service from team.
Scott Ko

I have been working with ShipHype for just over a month and I'm extremely impressed. Everything from the website to the onboarding to the dashboard deserves 5 stars. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fulfillment center.
Robert Deacon

ShipHype is a great company to do business with.
Mukul Gupta

ShipHype took us on and has been incredibly flexible, responsive and helpful at every turn. Integrates with our shopify store and we cannot believe how fast and seamlessly our ecommerce has been moving when we have things in stock. Their shipping prices are also very competitive!
Margaret Bartha

I used ShipHype for warehousing our inventory as well as shipping out to Amazon, and some individual orders to customers. They seem to have good systems in place. The customer service representatives that help processing requests were fast in responding and always professional. We used them for polybagging our items and they did not take long to do the polybagging. In fact, none of the requests ever took longer than expected. The only cons worth mentioning is that they aren’t exactly the cheapest. There’s a $200 per month software fee. But, good service should cost slightly more than expected.
Joe Mac

Fully satisfied with their service and I highly appreciate their quick response and responsible attitude toward their customer. Although they are quite expensive but still i am glad to trust them with my orders.

Super professional and friendly team, quick response and support. Nothing to complain about! Highly recommend!

Great experience working with the ShipHype team! Organized workflow, clear communication, quick and great service all around. Highly recommend!
Manager Rep

I have been with this fulfillment company only few month but so far so good.
Vasily Klevakin

We've been using Ship Hype for our business (CAKES body) for about 9 months and are very happy with our experience. For reference on our volume: We started with them when our volume got to be ~500-800 orders per month and could no longer fulfill ourselves. We now ship around 8,000 orders per month with them. Even on busy days (when we have 500-1,000 orders) they get orders out either that day or the next day. Our customers always comment on how quickly our orders are fulfilled. We have very few errors due to fulfillment center issues, and our packages always arrive in good condition. Our account manager Maathushan is really responsive and has become a great partner. We did run into some growing pains in the beginning due to us being new to using a fulfillment center & the fact that "you don't know what you don't know" - so I would just recommend really getting into the weeds of the set up process & payment structure to ensure you understand the ins and outs of how you're being charged & the onboarding process. I know how stressful it is giving your business over to a fulfillment center, so wanted to provide a review to help anyone who may be looking for options.
Casey Capuano

Absolutely the best customer service I've experienced. Always willing to help; extremely efficient and cost effective.
Richard Benjamin

Our account manager Maathushan is an absolute Super Star! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ He's professional, easy to deal with and above all else he get the job done! Absolutely recommend Ship Hype to anyone who wants a great Fulfilment partner. A+++++++++
Evan Davis

We have been really happy with our account manager. He has been very helpful and quick to reply. We are so happy to have found Shiphype, as having a high quality 3PL is essential to our business.
Eva Eik C. V. Vendelsen

My husband and I are very pleased with our experience working with ShipHype team. They respond to our queries and other requests promptly and the platform is quite easy to use.
Lynette Lee Corporal-Penman

Great service and very reasonable pricing, would definitely recommend them.
Kelly O’Connor

Very happy with the team, the attitude and the professional way of doing things when it comes to SHIPHYPE. All processes are smooth and whenever some issue appear, the team is there ready to help. And they do it fast and clean. Recommended!
Stefan Nicolae

Very thankful for ShipHype and how they have helped keep up with the growth of our business over the last year and a bit. Keeping up with sales spikes, and BFCM, always keeping up with getting our orders out. Working with Maathushan has been a pleasure, he is always eager to help and work out issues.

My experience with the SHIPHYPE team has exceeded expectations. I'm specifically pleased with how quickly the team moved during peak holiday season, the effective communication, and simplicity in getting orders out.
Alec Grawe

Best 3PL Warehouse we've come across and probably the only one with transparent pricing listed on their website.
John Rigan

Customers get their orders with no mistakes and very fast which I appreciate. Communication with our account manager is one of the best.
Mona Etaiw

It has been a pleasure working with Maathushan. He is always available, professional and gets the items done accurately and on time.
Ali Arimi

I have already recommended Shiphype to several businesses! My account manager is excellent.
Joe Bartholomew

Ship Hype is amazing. I love that its very organized and easy to navigate. I enjoy having an account manager to help me with any questions.
Jennifer Perez

Things flow and connect efficiently. It's easy to get things take care of and find out what the progress is. Very quick turnaround times.
Travis Huyghebaert

Really excellent customer service and support framework. I am very impressed and it is a pleasure to work with them over the other 3PLs I have been with.
Adam M

They helped us out big time, thank you!
Samurai market

SHIPHYPE FULFILLMENT did a splendid job of meeting the client's needs. The team completed every task on time, and they impressed the client with their work approach. The partners mainly interacted through email and messaging apps.
Jordi Pamblanco Esteve

Personal contact with Account Manager is really good :)). With other fulfillment providers you usually have to contact support where the answers take much more time and effort. Inbound shipments get booked in quickly.
Kristjan Habicht

Waleed is always responsive and customer focused.
Stephan Morelli

With Shiphype, we've been able to take advantage of more online marketplaces with seamless order fulfillment and that frees our team's time.
Justin Haines

Our account manager Maathushan is an absolute Super Star! He's professional, easy to deal with and above all else he get the job done! Absolutely recommend Ship Hype to anyone who wants a great Fulfilment partner.
Evan Davis

The ShipHype team is a key factor in the success of my business. They helped to ensure and perfect my shop's integration, have made smart packaging recommendations and are quick/immediate to respond to any issues I bring to them re: carriers or customers. They have proven to be exceptionally helpful in answering logistics questions and in walking me through understanding their systems. There has been seamless automation on the platform end, but, importantly there is always a helping human touch when needed. I truly appreciate the exceptional work of the ShipHype team and value them as an integral part of my business. Cannot recommend them enough.

Awesome customer experience and team, highly recommend this 3PL.
Jasmine Wu

Great service and communication, would highly recommend working with the team at ShipHype!
Ky Madden
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