Service-Level Agreement (SLAs)

Last updated: April 15th, 2024

Receiving & Put-Away
Type Put-away time
Less than 10 Pallets Within 48 Hours
10+ Pallets 3 Days
50+ Pallets 5 Days
100+ Pallets 10 Days
300+ Pallets 30 Days
Floor-loaded Containers 5 Days
Shipments with 10+ SKUs 3 Days
Shipments with 30+ SKUs 5 Days
Shipments with 50+ SKUs 7 Days
Shipments with 100+ SKUs 20 Days
Shipments with 200+ SKUs 30 Days
Sending Inventory for 1st time Add 2 Days
During Q4 Add 2 Days
Additional Quality Control Add 2 Days
Multiple SKUs per Carton Add 5 Days
Multiple SKUs per Pallet Add 5 Days
Open Cartons & Count Units inside Add 7 Days
Please Note
  • Times mentioned are in business days.
  • Receiving times above are estimates, not guarantees.
  • Depending on how busy the warehouse is, it may be faster or take longer.
  • We are unable to provide estimates for shipments without WRO labels.
  • If there is any discrepancy in the data provided to us, there will be additional delays.
  • If multiple variables apply to your shipment, the longer expectation applies.

DTC: Order Processing
Type Ship Out Time Notes
DTC Orders Same Day Orders received before 2PM will ship out the same business day.
Orders received after 2PM will ship the following business day.
DTC Orders (Manual) 2 Days We will try our best to ship same day but manual orders can take up to 48 hours to ship.
DTC Orders (via CSV) 2 Days If you are submitting orders via CSV file, we are not able to guarantee the turnaround time.
Please Note
  • If you are shipping 200+ orders per day, you must let us know ahead of time or we will not be able to guarantee same-day shipping.
  • Carriers pickup at our warehouse daily but there are occasional days where carriers miss pickups. In the event that a carrier doesn't show up, SHIPHYPE can not be held responsible.
  • We guarantee an accuracy rate of 100% for all direct-to-consumer orders.

Work Requests
Task 2-Day Turnaround 7-Day Turnaround 7+ Days Turnaround
Bundling Less than 200 Units 200-500 500+
Carton Forwarding to Amazon Less than 100 Cartons 100-200 200+
Count Only Less than 300 Units 300-600 600+
Count & Inspect Less than 100 Units 100-200 200+
Create Master Carton Less than 20 Cartons 20-40 40+
Discard Items Less than 50 Cartons 50-100 100+
FNSKU Labeling Less than 300 Units 300-600 600+
Fragile Wrapping Less than 300 Units 300-600 600+
Kitting Less than 300 Units 300-600 600+
Palletization Less than 5 Pallets 5-10 10+
Pallet Forwarding Less than 20 Pallets 20-40 40+
Photo Requests Less than 20 Photos 20-40 40+
Polybagging Less than 300 Units 300-600 600+
Please Note
  • Most requests are processed within 48 hours.
  • If additional information is required to complete your request, it may take longer.
  • Once cartons and pallets are ready, they will be given to the carrier next time they pickup.

Store Setup
Requirements Setup Time
Less than 10 SKUs 2 Days
10+ SKUs 5 Days
30+ SKUs 7 Days
50+ SKUs 10 Days
100+ SKUs 15 Days
300+ SKUs 30 Days
DG/Hazardous Add 5 Days
DDP Shipping Add 10 Days
Custom API 10 Days
NetSuite Integration Add 30 Days
Please Note
  • Receiving must be completed before we can start shipping.
  • Please do not put your store live unless you get the go-ahead from us.
  • Setup time varies from account to account, depending on many factors such as: Inventory Sent, # of SKUs, Special Considerations, Client responsiveness.

Storage Guidelines
Type Size
Small Bin 10x12x8”
Large Bin 12x24x12”
Shelf 60x24x18”
Pallet 40x48x55”
Location Assignment
  • Depending on the size of your products, and the number of units you send in, we will automatically assign a storage location for each SKU.
  • Each SKU will require it's own storage location for accurate picking.
Oversize Pallets
  • Pallets over 55 inches in height will count as 2 pallet spots.
Billing for Storage
  • Storage charges begin from the date your items arrive at our warehouse.
  • Storage is pro-rated weekly, when inventory is removed from warehouse.

Account Manager Response Time
Type Response Time
General requests Under 30 minutes
Requests sent over the weekend Processed next business day