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Looking to Outsource Order Fulfillment to a 3PL?

3pl service for high sku count

Do 3PLs Work With Brands That Require High SKU Count?

Fulfillment companies and fulfillment centers specializing in working with 3PL for high SKU count are invaluable assets to any business. The complexity of inventory management and the financial commitment associated with high SKU counts means you need an experienced fulfillment partner who understands your needs.

Most fulfillment centers focus on low-SKU-count accounts, but plenty of companies out there can handle large SKU counts. Many benefits come with working with a 3PL that specializes in high SKU count fulfillment, including

Expertise in Complex Inventory Management

A 3PL experienced in handling high SKU counts understands the intricacies of managing diverse product assortments. They possess the knowledge and systems to efficiently organize, track, and manage inventory across numerous SKUs, reducing errors and improving inventory accuracy.

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Managing a high SKU count can be challenging, especially regarding order picking, packing, and shipping. A specialized 3PL streamlines these processes by utilizing advanced technologies and optimized workflows. They employ strategies such as batch picking, zone picking, or automated systems to enhance efficiency and ensure timely order fulfillment.

Scalability and Flexibility

3PL for high SKU count often requires scalability to accommodate changing inventory levels and business growth. A specialized 3PL is equipped to handle fluctuations in demand, offering flexible storage solutions and the ability to scale operations up or down as needed. This allows businesses to adapt quickly to market dynamics without compromising fulfillment efficiency.

Enhanced Inventory Visibility

With a specialized 3PL, businesses gain improved visibility into their inventory across various SKUs. Through inventory management systems and reporting tools, companies can access real-time data on stock levels, order status, and SKU-specific metrics. This visibility facilitates better decision-making, inventory forecasting, and overall supply chain optimization.

A fulfillment center like SHIPHYPE can give businesses an edge in the ever-changing, competitive landscape. With our expertly trained staff and cutting-edge technologies, we offer a comprehensive suite of fulfillment services custom tailored to each business’s needs. We understand that your fulfillment strategy directly impacts profitability and customer satisfaction.

How To Find A 3PL That Works With High SKU Count?

High SKU counts can be a challenge for any 3PL to work with. When selecting a 3PL, it is important to understand the complexity of your fulfillment needs and to identify the capabilities required from a vendor.

From warehouse management system (WMS) to order picking and packing, a 3PL with an experienced team of professionals can help you manage your high SKU count fulfillment needs. Following are some points that can help you find the right 3PL partner:

Industry Experience

Look for a 3PL for high SKU count with a proven track record in your industry. Their experience working with similar product assortments will ensure they understand your business’s unique challenges and requirements.

Technology and Systems

Assess the 3PL’s technology infrastructure and systems. They should have robust inventory management software capable of handling large SKU volumes, offering real-time visibility, accurate tracking, and reporting capabilities. Look for advanced order and warehouse management systems to optimize fulfillment processes.

Warehouse Capacity and Layout

Evaluate the 3PL’s warehouse facilities, considering factors such as square footage, shelving systems, and storage capacity. High SKU count fulfillment requires proper organization and optimized layouts to minimize errors, enhance order-picking efficiency, and maximize storage space utilization.

Process Optimization

Inquire about 3PL’s strategies for optimizing order fulfillment processes. They should have efficient picking, packing, and shipping methods tailored to high SKU counts, such as zone picking, automated systems, or barcode scanning technology. Their focus on process improvement and continuous optimization ensures faster and more accurate order fulfillment.

Things To Consider When Shipping Orders with High SKU Count

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Well, most fulfillment centers will tell you they can handle hundreds or thousands of SKUs. Still, there is a big difference between having the capability to ship high SKU orders and having the expertise to do so efficiently. But before shipping orders, there are a few things that you must know about 3PL for high SKU count:

Order Execution Time

Ensure the fulfillment company you choose can execute orders within your desired timelines. High SKU counts can greatly increase order execution time, so selecting a provider with experience managing complex orders is important.

Customs Clearance

Another important factor to consider is customs clearance. Complex orders with high SKU counts may require specialist knowledge when crossing borders and submitting customs documents. It’s best to select a fulfillment provider with experience in 3PL for high SKU count and a good understanding of international shipping regulations.

Package Size And Weight

Fulfillment centers focus on specific weight and size limitations regarding order fulfillment. Confirming that your provider can accommodate your products’ size and weight specifications is important before committing to any agreement.

Shipping Speed

Different fulfillment centers will offer different shipping speeds, so selecting a provider to meet the time frame you need to keep your customers happy is important.

SHIPHYPE, the industry leader, can provide you with same-day shipping and even overnight shipping on orders in some cases. Our well-maintained inventory system ensures that orders are shipped on time and arrive in perfect condition.

Differences Between High SKU Count And Low SKU Count

A high SKU count measures how much air can be compressed into a given space. The higher the SKU count, the more items can fit in one container and the less time it takes to ship. A lower SKU count means fewer items can do, and more time is spent shipping. With SHIPHYPE, we use the highest SKU count to get your items to you as quickly as possible.

We also provide economical solutions for warehousing and customer service if needed. We understand that you want the best shipping experience.

Why Choose SHIPHYPE As Your Fulfillment Partner For High SKU Count?

Every eCommerce business or business that needs to ship products needs a reliable fulfillment partner. With SHIPHYPE, you can rest assured that your packages are promptly taken care of and sent. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to providing the best service possible.

We provide top-notch customer service, convenient warehousing options, and efficient shipping methods. Choosing SHIPHYPE as your fulfillment partner for a high SKU count offers several unique advantages:

Customized Solutions

SHIPHYPE understands that each business has unique fulfillment needs. They offer tailored solutions for high SKU counts, including customized packaging, labeling, kitting, and assembly services. This level of customization ensures that your products are handled and packaged according to your specific requirements.

High Accuracy and Order Fulfillment Speed

With their high SKU count fulfillment expertise, SHIPHYPE maintains high order accuracy and fast fulfillment process times. Their optimized workflows, advanced technologies, and skilled workforce ensure that orders are picked, packed, and shipped accurately and promptly.

Scalability and Storage Capacity In 3PL For High SKU Count

SHIPHYPE provides scalable storage solutions to accommodate the varying inventory volumes associated with high SKU counts. They have ample warehouse capacity to handle large SKU assortments, allowing you to scale up or down as per your business needs without compromising space or efficiency.

If you are looking for a fulfillment partner that can meet your stock-keeping unit needs, SHIPHYPE is here to help. You can contact us for services ranging from order fulfillment to storage and inventory management, all to make your business process smoother, more organized, and more successful.

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