Amazon Prep Center

Let us take care of your Amazon Prep while you take care of business.

How it Works

Order Fulfillment Made Easy
Step 1
Send Inventory to SHIPHYPE
Whether you're sending items in cartons or pallets, we can accept it.
Step 2
Long-Term or Short Term Storage
Once we get your items, we'll store them for you until you ask us to perform work.
Step 3: If Required
FNSKU Labelling
Once you provide us the FNSKU labels, we'll put them on each unit.
Step 4: If Required
Poly Bagging/Bundling
If you require extra services, we can bundle and unbundle your items per your request.
Step 5: If Required
Create Master Cartons
We can also prepare master cartons for you to send in to Amazon.
Step 6Same Day Turnaround
Carton Forwarding
When you submit a forwarding request, we'll put on the UPS and Amazon labels to send your items in to Amazon's FC. We can also arrange Trucking.

Amazon Prep Canada

As a Canadian company, we're helping lot of brands expand into Canada. We currently have a Fulfillment Center in Ontario with plans to expand to British Columbia so we can cover both coasts.

Amazon Prep USA

The United States is the biggest market for eCommerce sellers. Our Fulfillment Center is strategically located in California. Our plan is to open a location on the East Coast in the coming months.

Amazon Prep Toronto

We're the fastest growing Fulfillment Center in Toronto. With 39% of the Canadian population in Ontario, we're able to offer 1 day shipping to the whole province.

Amazon Prep Los Angeles

Located right beside the Long Beach port, we make the receiving process faster and more efficient for eCommerce Sellers. Our Fulfillment Center is right across from Long Beach airport.

Automate your FBA Business

FNSKU Labeling
You provide us with the Amazon FNSKU labels and we'll put them on each unit. No job is too small!
Fast Turnaround
All requests submitted are completed same day or within 48 hours.
Easy Dashboard
Run your entire business from a dashboard you can access from anywhere.
Carton Forwarding
We'll forward your master cartons to Amazon as you need to replenish stock.
Poly Bagging
We can handle any special requests you may have.
Put together as many products as you need.
Dedicated Account Rep
We'll assign you an account manager dedicated to your success.
Fragile/Bubble Wrapping
Add an additional layer of protection to protect fragile items.
FBA Removals
We can handle FBA Removal requests as well as individual returns.
Frequently Asked Questions
We have locations in both Canada and the United States. To see the exact addresses, click the Locations button in the header.
Yes. We offer both FBA and FBM services.
You can view our pricing page by clicking 'Fulfillment Pricing' in the top menu.
We do not charge any setup fees.
Yes. Contact our Sales Team to become a customer.
Click the blue "Contact Sales" button in the header of the website.
If you have additional questions, you can
email: [email protected]