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Standard Pricing

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+$1 per order
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Fulfill orders across all channels
  • Dedicated account reps

High-Volume Shippers

For businesses shipping 5,000+ orders per month.
Get custom fulfillment pricing for your business.
Free ReceivingDiscounted Storage
No Setup FeesNo Software Fees
Less than 1,000 Orders/MonthMore than 1,000 Orders/MonthMore than 10,000 Orders/Month
Step 1:
Once your shipment arrives at our warehouse, we unload and put-away your inventory.
Frequently Asked Questions
Most shipments are fully received within 24 Hours.
Since the first 2 Hours are free, you would get billed for 3 Hours.
The receiving process consists of: 
  1. Unloading
  2. Identifying Shipment
  3. Identifying Contents of Shipment
  4. Allocating Inventory Spots
  5. Putting Products Away
  6. Weighing Products (for D2C only)
  7. Updating Inventory
If you have additional questions, you can email: [email protected]
First 2 Hours
Additional Hours $40 per man-hour
Returns Handling CLICK HERE
Container Unloading? Contact Us for Custom Pricing.
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Step 2:
Each SKU requires it's own bin, shelf or pallet. Based on the size of your products and the number of units you send, we'll assign the best fit.
Frequently Asked Questions
That will take up 2 pallet spots in our warehouse and we will bill you for 2 pallet spots.
No. Each SKU will require it's own storage spot.
300 SKUs per client. If the account is big enough for us, we may be able to make exceptions.
No. Seasonality does not impact our storage prices.
If you have additional questions, you can email: [email protected]
Pallet Items Fulfillment

10 x 12 x 8"

Small Bin
Large Items Fulfillment

12 x 24 x 12"

Large Bin
Pallet Items Fulfillment

60 x 24 x 18"

Pallet Items Fulfillment

40 x 48 x 55"

Shipping 1,000+ DTC Orders per month? Contact Us for Custom Pricing.
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Step 3:
Pick & Pack
Our picking & packing fee depends on the packaging materials used for shipping your orders.
Frequently Asked Questions
We don't have a minimum order requirement.
The pick & pack fee includes 1 item. Additional items are picked at $0.50 per unit. The pick & pack fee also covers the packaging materials.
Pre-Packaged Picks are products that are already sent to us in their final packaging and all we need to do is put on a shipping label without further packing them.
We provide standard boxes, bubble mailers and poly mailers. You can also provide your own custom packaging.
Yes, we ship to all countries.
If you have additional questions, you can email: [email protected]
How many orders are you shipping per month?
Cost 1,000 - 9,999 ORDERS/mo 10,000+ ORDERS/mo
Pick & Pack
(includes first item)
$2.50 $2.00 Contact Us
Extra Picks $0.50 per item $0.50 per item Contact Us
Custom Packaging Contact Us for Quote Contact Us for Quote Contact Us for Quote
Shipping Rates CLICK HERE CLICK HERE Contact Us

Step 6:
Additional Charges

Instantly connect your website/online store. Integrations include Shopify, Amazon, Etsy and more.

Any Extra Services

Inventory count, quality control, item repackaging, or anything else you need - we can do it.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have locations across the United States and Canada.
By default, our prices are in US dollars. You can change the currency by clicking on the flag in Step 2.
If you sign-up with us today, you can start sending your inventory as early as tomorrow.
Yes, we will assign a dedicated Account Manager who will be your primary point of contact for everything you need. They will help you with onboarding as well as provide ongoing support.
Yes, simply click the Contact Sales button below and fill out the form. Our sales team will provide you with a custom price plan.
Upon signing up, you will pay a deposit of $500 USD. This will count towards your monthly invoices. Unused balance is 100% refundable.
Click the blue "Get Started" button on the top right of the page.

If you have additional questions, you can
email: [email protected]

High Volume Shipper?

If you are shipping a large number of orders, reach out to our sales team to discuss custom pricing. We'll configure custom pricing specifically built for your business.