Complete Price List

You can find our complete pricing for all our services in the tables below.


Receiving Charges FREE FOR THE FIRST 2 HOURS
If shipment takes longer than 2 hours to receive, we will charge $40/man-hour.
Container Unloading (20') $300+ Container Unloading (40') $500+
Additional Time $40 per man-hour
Amazon Removals $5 per cartonReturns HandlingCLICK HERE
Identification Charges If WRO is not attached, there will be a $50 identification charge per delivery.
Wrong Warehouse Fee  If shipment is sent to unassigned warehouse, there will be a $50 identification charge per delivery.


Small Bin $3/month Large Bin $5/month
Shelf  $20/month
Pallet $40/month
Storage Discounts High Volume Clients are Eligible for Storage Discounts.

Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack
(includes first item)
$2.50 Extra Picks $0.50 per item
Pre-Packaged Picks $1.00 per pickHeavy Products
(products heavier than 20 lbs)
$5 per pick
Packaging Materials Packging Materials are Included in Pick & Pack Cost
Shipping Rates Canada CLICK HERE Shipping Rates USA CLICK HERE

Pick & Pack

(Special Options)
Packing Slips (Generic) $3 per order Promotional Inserts $0.50 per item
Custom Packaging Contact Us for Quote D.O.T Limited Qty Labels $0.50 per order

Pick & Pack

(Fragile Options)
Fragile Stickers $0.50 per order Individual Wrap
$0.50 per unit
Individual Wrap
(Bubble Sleeve)
$0.50 per unit Individual Wrap
(Poly Bag)
$0.50 per unit

Forwarding to Amazon

Carton Forwarding $5 per carton
Pallet Forwarding $20 per pallet
Palletization/Pallet Building $40 per man-hour + Materials Palletization Materials $20 per skid

Prep Services

FNSKU Labeling/Barcoding $0.40/unit Check Dimensions $40/man-hour
Count & Inspect $40/man-hour Discard Items $5/carton or $0.50/unit
Photo Request $2 per photo
Poly Bagging (includes FNSKU Labeling) $1.00/unit
Bundling (includes FNSKU Labeling) $1.25 for bundle of 2 units
$0.25 extra for each additional unit
Bubble Bagging (includes FNSKU Labeling) $1.50/unit
Create Master Carton$40 per man-hour
Kitting $40 per man-hour
Palletization/Pallet Building $40 per man-hour + Materials Palletization Materials $20 per skid

Additional Charges

Anything Else $40 per man-hour Palletization Materials $20 per skid
Packaging Materials Varies Signature Required ~$3 per order
Carrier Package Insurance ~$4 per $100 of Insurance Carrier Facility Pickup $100

Minimum Charges

Account Management Fee $199 per month
This is a minimum cost associated with providing dedicated support, and running each account on our platform.
Receiving No Minimums Storage No Minimums
Carton Forwarding $10 per request Pallet Forwarding $40 per request
Photo Request $10 per requestFNSKU Labeling/Barcoding $40 per request
Check Dimensions $10 per requestCustom Work Request $40 per request
Manual Pick & Pack $10 per request Count & Inspect $40 per request
Minimum Monthly Spend We require that your monthly non-storage spend is GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO your storage spend.
If it isn't, we will bill you the difference.

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