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About Zone-Based Shipping

  • Shipping Rates include fuel and residential surcharges!
  • Rates provided are estimates. Final shipping rates may vary.
  • Carriers use 'Zones' to organize shipping destinations across the country.
  • Addresses are classified in different zones based on how far they are from the origin of shipment (our warehouse).
  • Only USPS can deliver to 'PO Boxes', which may result in higher charges for some shipments.
  • Certain addresses are considered 'Extended Zones' by carriers, which may result in higher charges for some shipments.
  • 'Hazardous Goods' can only be shipped via 'Ground Shipping'
  • 'Hazardous Goods' can not be shipped Internationally.
  • Pricing may fluctuate based on market conditions. Check regularly for the latest pricing.
  • For shipments which are light in weight but have a large box size, the dimensional weight will apply.
  • Dimensional Weight Calculator can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Zone Mapping

Delivery Estimates

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, we do not ship products heavier than 50 lbs.
No, the shipping cost is on top of the pick & pack costs.
Our shipping rates are in USD.
For USA, we use UPS, USPS and FedEx.
Yes, it is, but we don't recommend it. When multiple carriers are enabled, we are able to rate-shop and compare the rates across carriers for each shipment. With single carriers, you lose the ability to save where possible.
Click the 'Contact Sales' button in the top menu.
If you have additional questions, you can email: [email protected]

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