Prohibited Items

We take compliance extremely seriously. Prohibited items are substances or articles that pose an extremely high risk to safety or property or the environment resulting in us not being able to store or ship those products. Some of the products that we are NOT able to ship under any circumstance include:

We currently do not ship any of the following products:

  • Animals

  • Animal-fighting ventures

  • Building construction material

  • Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco

  • Cannabis, Narcotics, Drugs or controlled substances of any kind

  • Chemicals or Hazardous Material

  • Firearms, Ammunition or Explosives

  • Flammable Liquids

  • Human Remains

  • Intoxicating Liquors

  • Knives and Sharp instruments

  • Motor vehicle master keys and locksmithing devices

Please reach out to us if you are unsure about the products you are selling.