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Let us take care of the Prep so you can take care of the growth.
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Prep, Store and Ship

We will store your products and drip-feed inventory into Amazon as needed. Need something else done? We can handle it. Our fulfillment centers can carry out any work requests, so you can focus on important things like growing your business!

Private Label

We help Amazon Sellers take their business to the next level by entering new markets. We have locations in both USA and Canada where we can store your goods for you and ship them to Amazon on demand.

Carton + Pallet Forwarding

Drip feed your inventory into Amazon. We can store your inventory until it's ready to be shipped.

FBA Removals

Has Amazon asked you to remove your inventory for some reason? We can store and process your returns for you. Whether you need us to fully inspect your stock, update the labels or just send your inventory back to you, we can do it.
Only Pay for What You Need

Fast Turnaround

Most requests are completed same day or within 48 hours. Our processes are streamlined allowing you to move faster.
  • Dedicated Support

Simple Software

Track your orders and inventory in real-time with our simple, yet advanced fulfillment software.

Full Suite of Services

FNSKU Labeling
You provide us with the Amazon FNSKU labels and we'll put them on each unit. No job is too small!
Fast Turnaround
All requests submitted are completed same day or within 48 hours.
Easy Dashboard
Run your entire business from a dashboard you can access from anywhere.
Carton Forwarding
We'll forward your master cartons to Amazon as you need to replenish stock.
Poly Bagging
We can handle any special requests you may have.
Put together as many products as you need.
Dedicated Account Rep
We'll assign you an account manager dedicated to your success.
Fragile/Bubble Wrapping
Add an additional layer of protection to protect fragile items.
FBA Removals
We can handle FBA Removal requests as well as individual returns.

Some Cool Brands We Work With

See What Our Clients are Saying

ShipHype provides an excellent array of fulfillment services and are very efficient at this through their smart application of technology and a high level of organisation including allocation of staff who are very professional and helpful.
Paul Buckley

Earth, Wind & Flowers

We have been using shiphype for storing and forwarding our inventory to Amazon, so far it has been a great experience. Shiphype has great customer service which eases lot of troubles.
Annas Khan

LH Galleria

Easy to use platform. Well documented instructions. Quick responses and great service from team. Only downside was the increases in price this past year.
Scott Ko

Joah Studios

Automate your FBA Business

Put your Amazon business on autopilot and focus on growing your business. Hiring our Prep Center lets you spend your time finding new products or optimizing your current operations.

Prep Capabilities

We are a full-services fulfillment center equipped with powerful software and staff that can handle pretty much anything.

Professional FBA Prep Services

  • Submit Requests Through Email
  • Slow Turnaround
  • Submit a Ticket for Support
  • No Inventory Tracking
  • Poor Communication
  • Hidden Fees
  • Easy Web-Based Platform to Submit Requests
  • 24-Hour Turnaround
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Live Inventory Tracking
  • Get Updates in Real-Time as Tasks get Completed
  • Transparent Pricing
Frequently Asked Questions
Absolutely. We can perform any work request according to your requirements.
Through the platform, you will be able to submit work requests, send and track inventory, as well as communicate with the ShipHype team.
Yes, you can see your live inventory through our software.
90% of requests are completed within 24 hours.
You don't need to arrange pickups as UPS picks up at our locations daily.
We charge $40 USD for a 40x48x55" Pallet spot. We also have Bin and Shelf storage.
Yes, we have a direct integration with Amazon for FBM Fulfillment.
We have locations in both Canada and the United States. To see the exact addresses, click the Locations button in the header.
You can view our pricing page by clicking 'Fulfillment Pricing' in the top menu.
Yes, we have space available and we are taking on new customers.
If you sign-up today, you can start sending your inventory as early as tomorrow.
Click the 'Contact Sales' button in the top menu.
If you have additional questions, you can
email: [email protected]