eCommerce Setup Form

Fill out your eCommerce requirement information below.
Setup will take 1-2 weeks from when receiving is completed.
Client ID can be found on Basecamp and it will be in this format: A-###
Make sure to attach WRO Labels when sending inventory to ShipHero.
$100 Shipment Identification Charge will apply if there is no WRO Label attached to your shipment.

You can find more information about WRO Labels on Basecamp > Message Boards
Shipping rates can be found on
Packaging Examples

Bubble Mailer
Poly Mailer (for clothing only)
Corrugated Box
Custom Packaging
Our Kitting Rate is $40 per hour with a minimum of $40 per request.
You can submit kitting requests on Basecamp > Work Requests
ShipHype DOES NOT fulfill products that weigh more than 50 lbs.
Example = Gift Cards
Note: We currently don't support these options but they will be available in the future.