SHIPHYPE is a 3PL/fulfillment center that helps fast-growing brands fulfill orders across different channels - DTC, B2B, FBA, and everything else.

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Cakes Body scaled their Shopify store from 200 orders per day to 1,500 orders per day, and growing.Casey Sarai
Co-Founder of Cakes Body

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Ship orders from our US and Canada fulfillment centers.

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Easy, 1-Click Integrations with most online Shopping Carts. No developer required!

Fulfillment Built for Scale

We help businesses scale and compete with the big guys. Get access to high-volume shipping rates when using our warehouses.
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Take advantage of our transparent and competitive shipping rates.
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Fulfillment Software

Manage your orders and inventory in real-time with our fulfillment software, powered by SHIPHERO.

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Accurate Picking

We've perfected the fulfillment process, and provide a 100% accuracy guarantee.
Order Fulfillment in Real Time
Order Fulfillment in Real Time

Value Added Services

We can do it all, including Bundling, Labeling, Counting Inventory, Kitting, Polybagging, Bubble Bagging, Photo Requests & more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.
Yes, we integrate with both.
Yes, we offer a full suite of Prep services for FBA.
We have locations in Canada and the United States. To see the exact addresses, click the 'Locations' button in the header.
We offer Bin, Shelf and Pallet storage.
1000 SKUs per client. If the account is big enough for us, we may make an exception.
Absolutely. We can perform any work request according to your requirements.
Yes. Contact our Sales Team to become a customer.
If you sign-up today, you can start sending your inventory as early as tomorow.
Click the 'Contact Sales' button in the top menu.

If you have additional questions, you can email: [email protected]


SHIPHYPE is a full-service fulfillment center equipped with powerful software and a team that can handle pretty much anything.

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  • We believe in customer service as a competitive edge. Your Account Manager will be there from Day 1, helping you with onboarding, software training, account setup, and provide ongoing support.

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